Sunday, September 29, 2013

37 weeks... the End is SO CLOSE!

     The end is in sight and I really can’t believe it.  At 37 weeks, we are technically full-term.  Though it would be nice to keep this baby in a couple weeks longer, I, along with my doctor, feel like she is coming early.  Now I know at this point most pregnant women are ready for their babies to be here, but truthfully, I just like our little princess needs to “bake” a bit longer.  And, as many of you know, my brother in law is getting married on October 5 and my sister is getting married on October 18.  I would like to hold off on this baby making her appearance until after the 5th but before 18th, but, since I am not in control, we will just have to wait and see.
     A couple of interesting things did happen this week.  My co-workers held a surprise baby shower for me which was really fun.  They bought a lot of nice things for Baby (girl) Guy and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like shopping for a baby?  

We also had our weekly OB appointment on Friday where the doctor told us that I am 3cm dilated and 80% effaced.  This about 1 cm further than we were at 36 weeks, so at least we are making progress.  But what does this all mean?   Pretty much, Baby Girl can come anytime!  So let’s do a quick 37-week update.

Week 37 Pregnancy Updates

Baby Guy's Size: I guess we will find out how big Baby Guy is when she chooses to make her appearance.  According to The Bump, she should be somewhere between 6.5 to 9 pounds and be about 19 to 21 inches long.  Truthfully, I don’t think we are going to have a big baby, but I feel like she may be on the taller side.

My belly: Have I told you lately I LOVE fall!  What does this have to with my belly?  Well… I can wear scarves to cover up the belly! Haha!  In actuality, the belly has gotten much bigger, but it sure has dropped.  Baby Guy is LOW!

My Size: Doctor says weight gain is looking good.  If Baby Guy comes soon, my total weight gain would be right at 20 pounds and I am totally ok with that.

Movement:  Movements have become less punch and kick-like and more like rolls.  What I find most interesting is that we know that Baby Guy is head down and yet I can still feel her feet up in my ribs sometimes.  Its one reason why I feel like our kid may come out on the taller side.

Most exciting thing: Knowing that our princess will be here practically any time.  I know that by this time most pregnant women are over being pregnant, but I really would like her to delay making her appearance for a bit, but she comes when she comes, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet her!

Most annoying thing:  Can you say PRESSURE?!  I mean, seriously!  There is so much pressure so very low.  I know that this is part of it, but sometimes there is so much pressure it’s hard to even walk.

Cravings:  Food just doesn’t sound good.  I eat because I know I have to.  Really, I just get so full that the pressure in my stomach just isn’t fun.

Sickness: I feel really good, which is surprising me as everyone says the last month is the most miserable.  I know I can make it another week but we will definitely have to see what Baby Girl has in mind.

Next appointment: We go on Wednesday to see if any further progress has been made.  If you are a praying person, keep Billy, Baby Girl and I in your thoughts and say an extra little something that she waits to come until AFTER October 5.  J

Friday, September 20, 2013

Quick Little Update

Just a quick little update.  Went to the OB yesterday for our 36 week check up.  According to the doctor, everything looks great.  We did get a bit of a surprise... I am 2cm dilated!  Looks like our princess **could** make an early appearance. 
I am not going to get my hopes up though, as I know lots of women who have dilated to 2cm, even further, and then had to be induced past their due dates.  And in all honesty, I would like our little baby girls to stay safe and sound for another three weeks or so.  However, just to be on the safe side, I think I will make sure that I have our bags packed and ready, just in case. 

This is obviously not my stuff since I haven't packed.
And I am a SERIOUS overpacker, so there will
probably be more than this!

Keep checking in for more updates, especially as we transition to our once-a-week appointments! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

36 Weeks... Almost There!!

     Seriously, how did we get to 36 weeks? The time has literally flown by! In 4 weeks (maybe less) our little princess will be here! I just can't believe it! Everyone always asks me if we are ready and the answer is... well... more or less. Are we prepared in terms of having her room done? Eh, not really? She has everything she needs, we just need to buckle down and finish it! Truthfully, I keep hoping those "nesting" instincts everyone always talks about finally kick in. Are we prepared in terms of how having a baby is going to irreversibly change our lives forever.... probably not! Are we ready to finally meet our baby girl?! UNDOUBTEDLY! Every night before bed as Billy is having his nightly "chat" with our princess he ends it by saying "I love you and I can't wait to meet you!"

     The past four weeks have flown by because boy have we been busy. A few weeks ago my cousin and a good friend of the family hosted a baby shower for Billy and I. We received so many wonderful gifts for our little princess that we are still trying to find a place for it all.  Shortly after I celebrated my 27th birthday and Billy and I also had our maternity pictures done.  This past weekend my mother and I along with my sister's two bridesmaids hosted Erika's Bridal shower. Throw in prep work for these events, a cloth diapering class, and purchasing the last few things we need before Baby (girl) Guy arrives and there just hasn't been enough time to think about blogging, let alone do it.

     So.... that's how we got here. 36 weeks... and counting. Truthfully, this last month is the one I have been dreading. Everyone says it’s the most miserable, but I actually feel pretty great! Starting at about 32 weeks our princess decided to move head down and sit on my sciatic nerve which caused for some serious issues walking. At 34 weeks, when it hadn't gotten any better, my OB ordered me to Physical Therapy. I REALLY didn't want to go, but now that I am 2 weeks in to my 3 week session, I am SO VERY GRATEFUL I did.  Like I said, I feel great.  Don’t get me wrong, I have the normal aches and pains, especially when Baby Guy decides to move into my ribcage, but I just expected to be more miserable.  Am I over being pregnant?  OF COURSE!  I am tired of talking about being pregnant and just want to talk about my baby.  I want to meet her, hold her, see who she looks like, and just generally love all over her.  But I know these last few weeks are so very important to her development so I guess Billy and I will just have to suck it up!

     Let’s go ahead and do a quick, 36 week update.  We do go to the doctor tomorrow where they will start checking to see if I am effaced and dilated any, so hopefully I will be able to update again soon.

Week 36 Pregnancy Updates

Baby Guy's Size: Still not quite sure how big Baby (girl) Guy is.  I haven’t had a real ultrasound since our 20 week appointment.  If my weight gain is any indication, she is probably NOT going to be a 10 pound baby, but I guess you never know.  I do know that she is head down, which is good, and I have been having some signs that she is getting ready.  I have had multiple people tell me that I look like I have dropped.  YAY!

My belly: Oh… it’s there.  I know that my bump is relatively small in comparison to how far along I am because I have someone tell me at least once a day!  This picture below actually surprised me as I have a weird connection to my bump.  Some days I wake up and think how small my bump looks in comparison to what I expected it to be and then days like yesterday (when this picture was taken), I think… BOY I AM HUGE!  As I mentioned above, though, I can tell its dropped.

My Size: This is an interesting one.  I have never been shy to talk about how much weight I have gained, but between my 32 week and 34 week appointment, I didn’t gain any weight.  Now, my 32 week appointment was in the afternoon and my 34 week appointment was in the morning, so that could have something to do with it, but over the past couple of weeks, I have been really trying to monitor not only what I eat, but how much and how often.  As of today, I still haven’t gained any weight.  I am anxious to see what the Doctor has to say about this.  With four weeks to go, my total weight gain, thus far, has been 17.5 pounds.


Movement:  We have reached that place where movement is, sometimes, painful.  We have one very active child on our hands.  On one hand, I love it because I know she is still alive and well, on the other, boy does it hurt sometimes.  Our child also already has a strong attachment to her father.  As soon as she hears his voice, she moves to be closer to it.  Billy has made this into some kind of game, watching my belly go all nuts as he moves around.  I have to remind him, often, that while it looks amazing on the outside, on the inside, it’s no walk in the park.


Most exciting thing: Really, watching her nursery come together has been really fun.  As non-pink and purple people, we have had to really be creative in finding the pieces for our nursery.  I thought it would be difficult to find pieces in the black houndstooth and red damask patterns that I picked, however, I must really be on trend as I have been able to find changing pad covers, a rug, and storage bins all to match the room.  I can’t wait to get it finished and post pictures for everyone to see!

Most annoying thing:  Heartburn and acid reflux are a beast but lately, the most annoying thing, is my swollen foot.  That’s right, foot.  For some reason my right foot has decided that it wants to live in a constantly swollen state.  I have no ankle.  If you see it, please tell it to come home as I miss seeing an ankle bone.

Cravings:  Still no serious cravings.  Though I did kill a bag of Halloween Oreos in record time.  I allow myself 4 Oreos a day, but they just don’t seem to last very long.  And of course, I have to have milk.  I use the need for calcium as my excuse. 

Sickness: Still feel good.  I did have some butt pain a few weeks ago, but physical therapy has really done wonders for that!


Next appointment: TOMORROW!  Billy and I go to the doctor tomorrow and every week thereafter until she arrives.  Tomorrow they will start checking to see if I have made any progress so I will make sure to update (hopefully!).

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cooperation is NOT our strong suit...


     On Wednesday, Billy and I took our mothers to a 3D/4D ulstrasound place in Greenwood call Sneek Peak.  As many of you know, Baby Guy was NOT COOPERATIVE.  Our stubborn little girl would not move her hands away from her face.  The owner told us that we could come back the next day and get a re-scan since Baby Guy was being so camera shy.

     Yesterday we went back and to be perfectly honest, I was expecting a lot more of the same.  With all of our ulstrasounds Baby Guy has just not been into it.  She moves and wiggles and tries to get away.  All of the movement is great in terms of making a healthy baby, but it is a bit counterproductive when you are trying to get a good picture of her face.  So at 6:45pm I laid down on the table expecting to be a slightly disappointed, but instead... we got these!

When she came on the screen, the tech immediately
said... Look at those chubby cheeks!

Look at that little smile!

     Are they the best 3D/4D pictures every taken?  No.  But Shaena at Sneek Peak was great!  So patient and understanding.  She did her absolute best and when you are working with a baby in utero, you take what you can get.  I absolutely love these pictures and know that Billy and I will cherish them forever!  But now is the time to help us out... who do you think she looks like?!  I still think she looks like me but even if you disagree, you have to admit... SHE HAS MY NOSE!  I have said from 20 weeks and at 30 weeks, I still believe it.
     Now that that is all over, it starting to set in that the next time we see her, we will be holding her!  I know that Billy is getting more and more excited/anxious as each day goes by.  He just keeps telling me, I can't wait to hold her.  At times, I feel sorry for him/Dads in general.  Men don't get to experience all of the amazing things that pregnancy has to offer.  On the flip side, men don't have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes, sleep in some of the strangest ways imaginable, waddle, or push a large object out of a small object, so maybe I don't feel TOO bad for them.
     So now that you have seen the pictures, let's do some 30 week updates!

Week 30 Pregnancy Updates
Baby Guy's Size:  Starting at our next appointment we will start measuring Baby Guy's size as well as looking to see if she is preparing herself for the Great Journey.  Right now, all I can tell you is she sure has some CHUBBY cheeks.  According to The Bump, Baby Guy is between 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and the length of a cucumber.

My belly:  Full speed ahead.  There is a bump and it is proud to make its appearance.  Truthfully, it isn't nearly as large as I expected and for that I am grateful.

Before Baby Guy's first concert...
New Kids on the Block!  WHAT?!

My Size: Still doing great in terms of weight gain.  Right now I fluctuate between 11-13 pounds.  If I stay at this pace, I will hit the 20 pound mark my doc set for me and hopefully won't go over.

Movement:  Does wild and crazy ring a bell?  We have one ACTIVE child.  I really enjoy it most days as I know she is still alive and well and happy in her "home."  Though one day this week she had the hiccups and it felt like a muscle spasm in my crotch continuously for about 30 minutes.  That was a bit annoying.

Most exciting thing: I know this sounds bad, but passing that 3 hour glucose test was pretty stinking exciting.  Not only does it mean I am healthier than I realized, but that my baby is not in any danger either.

DON'T PICK ORANGE!  I had Fruit Punch for the
1 hour and it was MUCH BETTER!

Most annoying thing: I have said it before and I will say it again... going to the bathroom.  I despise it.  One lady at work refers to it as my other "office."  Oh yea, also had that darn TDaP vaccine.  That thing makes your arm SORE!

Cravings: I wish I had a good craving to report, but I don't.  I still want sweets all the time, but that was pretty normal pre-pregnancy.  The other day I would have killed someone for white cheddar popcorn, though.

Sickness:  The occasional acid reflux, but other than that... nothing! 

Next appointment: We are now in our 2 week appointments so we go back on August 20.  For the most part our appointments have been 15 minutes in an out, but I look for that to start to change real soon.

     That is it for now.  Expect the next update after our 32 week appointment.  I would like to add that Billy and I have been getting a few people here and there asking about where we are registered.  I finally got that done, with no help from my hubby (thank God for Moms!) and we are registered at Buy Buy Baby and Target.  Besides the fact that our feet were killing us by the end, registering was fun!  Until next time...

30 weeks... SAY WHAT?!


     30 weeks!  How in the world did we get here?  I have no idea where the last 29 weeks have gone, but I sure am happy they have flown by. I just can’t believe we are in the weeks that start with 3.  This time next week, we will be in the single digits! Say what?!  It’s a little nerve-wracking to think that our little princess will be here in 10 or so weeks and to be perfectly honest, we are SO NOT READY!  Even though we aren’t ready, I do need to take a moment and brag on my husband.

     Throughout most of the “20” weeks, Billy has spent his weekends umpiring softball.  This just meant that nothing, and I do mean nothing, had gotten done for our little girl.  Well, in the past few weeks, Billy has primed and painted our nursery, surprised me with our nursery furniture, and attended “baby class” with me.  A little anecdote about our baby furniture that is just too cute not to share. 

     We decided to purchase our furniture before our baby shower because I wanted to be ready.  Admittedly, I have some control issues.  Thus, we went to Buy Buy Baby when I was 24 weeks pregnant and picked a furniture set only to be told, “It could take between 12-14 weeks to get here.”  My first thought?  I could have a BABY by then.  However, since it was literally the only set we agreed on, I decided to go for it.  Our baby girl doesn’t really need furniture to come home to, right?  Well, at 28 weeks, Billy decided that we needed to go ahead and get the paint even though I have been horribly INDECISIVE about bedding.  We decided to go with yellow walls and I actually talked Billy into letting me put sparkles in the paint.  That’s right, my daughter has yellow sparkly walls!  My husband worked like an absolute fiend to get the paint on the walls under the guise that he promised me he would work on the room and then made plans to go skeet shooting that weekend.  Little did I know, that when I came home from work on Friday, our daughter’s furniture would not only be in her room, but built and ready for her to use!  Billy knew it was coming on Wednesday, but decided to make it a surprise!  Tell me that’s not stinking sweet?


Not the best, but you can kind of see the sparkles.

     As for her bedding, well, I decided to just make my own.  As a girl who really doesn’t like pink or purple, it has been hard to find bedding that isn’t “too girly” and not pink/purple.  So, Billy and I chose some red damask fabric and black houndstooth fabric and I made a minky “quilt” that will serve as the blanket she won’t even use.  HA! I also decided to make my own ruffled crib sheet, though it hasn’t even been started yet.  We registered for some red and black crib sheets to go along with the bedding.  I also plan on purchasing some black ruffled curtains, a black and white houndstooth rug, and a red damask seat cushion for our rocker.  Still unsure as to what is going on the walls, but that can always be done once she gets here.  I am just happy to have furniture.


     Everything has been going along so smoothly that I knew the other shoe was going to drop sooner or later and it did, in the form of the dreaded glucose test.  I will be the first to admit that while I eat my fair share of fruits and vegetables, I also have a serious love of carbohydrates and sweets!  Diabetes also runs on both sides of my family so truthfully, I should be much better at watching what I eat.  Thus, it wasn’t that big of a surprise to me when I failed the 1 hour glucose test and was told I had to take the 3 hour test.  Going to Bloomington at 7:30am on Saturday was not something I had bargained for though.  Ever given blood 4 times in 3.5 hours?  I did and it was NOT FUN!  I seriously looked like a crack addict after the 3.5 hours as my arms were so bruised up.  We had to wait a week for the results, and that week just so happened to be Fair Week!  I think I had 7 lemonade shake-ups, 4 cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and half an elephant ear as well as about 10 ears of roasted corn.  Not to mention the amount of subs I consumed.  If I was going to have to watch what I ate, I was going to go out with a BANG!   However, I am happy to announce… I PASSED!  Honestly, I still can’t believe I passed and I don’t think Billy can either as he kept asking the doctor how I could fail one so badly, I was 30 points above the high end of where they want you to be, but pass the next.  HA!  Such confidence my husband has in me!


     What else is new?  Well, Billy and I also recently attended a “baby class” at IU Health Bloomington where we will be delivering.  I HIGHLY recommend taking a birthing class if you have the opportunity as it was sooooo informative.  Truthfully, I have not been very nervous about the whole birth thing as I recognize that in most circumstances, what happens is going to happen and it is out of my control, so why worry?  The amount of important information we received, not only about “how birth works” but breathing techniques and partner support was highly helpful, though.  As a female, I think we learn a lot about our bodies and menstruation and birth before/during/after puberty, but we tend to forget how little men really know.  I haven’t actually asked Billy, but I think this class helped put his mind at ease a little bit. Even though I think Billy knows quite a bit about women and their “issues,” for a man.  I mean, he did grow up in a house with 4 women!


     In other news, Billy and I took our Moms for a 3D/4D ultrasound appointment.  We have been waiting on this appointment for months, and were so excited that it finally arrived and guess what?  Baby Guy was UNNCOOPERATIVE!  I should have known it would be this way as she wasn’t very cooperative during our 20 week anatomy screening either.  During the 30 minute session, our baby had her hand over her face practically the entire time though we did get to see her little nose, hands, and feet.  Oh yea, we also got another confirmation that she is, in fact, a she.  Thank goodness!  Chalk this up to our first real parenting lesson.  Even when you think you are in control, you aren’t.  The good news is we get to go again  and see if we can get better images.  Hopefully I will have some good images to post and we can settle the debate of who Baby Guy looks like.  One thing I can attest to after yesterday, Baby Guy has my nose!

This is from her 20 week ultrasound. 
Tell me that is not my nose?
     So what’s coming up?  Well August is extremely busy for Billy and me.  This weekend I am heading to Louisville for my sister’s bachelorette party which should be fun.  On August 14th our bowling league starts back up and I am fully committed to bowling as long as I can which ought to be interesting.  We have another doctor appointment on the 20th followed by appointments every 2 weeks from now until 36 weeks at which point we start going weekly.  YAY!  Not.  The 24th I am attending a breastfeeding class because I just want more information.  I know it is the best thing for our baby, but I just need more knowledge before I declare that it’s what I am doing.  If we decide to go that route, I undoubtedly plan on pumping as this Momma likes her sleep and Billy is going to have to pull some night sessions as well!   The 25th we have our Baby Shower which my cousin Tootie and friend Hallie are hosting for me.  The 29th we have maternity pictures and the 31st we have a cloth diapering class at a store in Indy call Toasty Baby.  PHEW!  The best part?  Except for a bridal shower and wedding, we have NOTHING in September, though I am sure that will change.


     That seems to be it for now.  Sorry this post has been RIDICULOUSLY long.  I wanted to get all of this down for myself before I forgot.  I will post some 30 week updates soon, but I am holding off because I REALLY want to post it with some 3D/4D images.  Pray for us that she cooperates or you will have one sad Momma.  And, on a completely unrelated note, here's a picture of my sweet puppy Winnie get love from her Dad.  I don't want her to feel left out in all of this baby commotion.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

24 Weeks... and Counting


     That's right!  We made have made it to 24 weeks.  Quite a bit has changed in 2 weeks, my weight for one.  There is now no denying I have a prego belly.  I am slowly growing out of "my" clothes and moving into maternity clothes.  Although I was totally dreading being pregnant in the summer, there is one good thing about it... I can wear maxi dresses in lieu of buying maternity clothes.  WOO HOO!  So, without further ado, week 24 updates.

Week 24 Pregnancy Updates
Baby Guy's Size:  At our 24 week appointment we only got to hear her sweet and STRONG heartbeat.  The doctor even mentioned how strong it is.  My fundal height is measuring exactly where it should be and everything is going smoothly.  According to The Bump, Baby Guy is almost 1 foot long is is around 1.5 pounds.  Luckily there is lots more room for her to grow!

My belly: Although I have been saying it for awhile, there really is no denying the bump.  Multiple people have noticed the bump though I know deep down it isn't that big.  And truthfully, who cares?  I am making a human!

My Size: My have the scales have turned!  I kid you not, I woke up one morning and BAM!  Three pounds added to the scale... overnight!  I knew all those carbs were going to catch up to me!  This puts me at a total of 5 pounds so far.  If I stay on track and gain the 1 pound a week like I am supposed to, that puts me right at 20 pounds for the entire pregnancy.  I can handle that!

Movement: BILLY FINALLY FELT BABY GUY MOVE!  I kept telling him he was very close, he just needed to be a bit more patient.  Since Baby Guy is most active late at night, I knew there was a small window of opportunity.  Last Saturday I just knew he was going to be able to feel her.  She was kicking so hard at times on Saturday I thought I might actually pee my pants!  I knew it was our chance.  I told Billy to sit nice and calm and after about 20 minutes, Baby Guy kicked and Billy's finger visibly lifted off my belly.  He was so excited he started babbling like a fool and telling me to have her do it again!  HA!  Yeah right.  If she is anything like her momma, she probably did the exact opposite and laid still for the next half hour!  Billy immediately texted everyone he knows to spread the news!

Most exciting thing: Watching Billy get to experience our baby for the first time.  I have been thinking about this moment since I first felt Baby Guy kick and I knew he was going to be over-the-moon excited.  It is obvious to everyone that knows Billy how excited he is for this baby and now that he finally gets to experience something, well, it it just so fun.  If he hadn't started babbling like a lunatic I probably would have cried because it was just so sweet!

Most annoying thing: Backaches!  Due to my backaches, we finally had our first rough night.  6 months in before the first rough night, I will take it.  The problem with backaches is that the rational side of your head knows this is common with pregnancy.  The irrational side has you thinking you should call the doctor just to make sure there isn't something wrong.  Although most of Wednesday was spent with a sore back, I did some lower back exercises and now I feel much better!  The heating pad is my best friend.

Cravings: I wish I had something crazy to report.  Don't get me wrong, I a still eating my fair share, but nothing really sticks out.  Unless you count sweets.  I spent $12.00 on junk food at the Family Dollar on Wednesday!  Oops!

Sickness:  Still not really sick but acid reflux and backaches sure do stink!

Next appointment: The time has finally come.  The dreaded Glucola test.  On Tuesday, July 23, we go for the glucose test and our 28 week appointment.  After that, we start going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  I can't believe we are almost to this milestone already!  It really is flying by!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And Baby Guy is... a GIRL!

     I knew it!  Billy knew it!  Pretty much everyone we know thought Baby Guy was a girl and we were all right! 

     It is so nice to FINALLY be able to to call my sweet baby Guy a she.  For the first 11 or so weeks she (eek!) was an it because we couldn't say the word "baby" around anyone.  Then for the next 10 or so weeks she (eek!) was Baby Guy.  Soon, hopefully, we will be able to start calling her by her name, but Billy and I aren't quite ready to announce to the world Baby Guy's name.  Do we have one... well, we think so.  In fact, we have only ever discussed one baby girl name and while we are both pretty sure that it is it, we still have a LONG way to go in our pregnancy and I don't want to commit and then change my mind.  I do that sometimes.  :)  I can tell you what her name Won't be...

1) Franketta (thanks Randy!)
2) Juanita Agnes (thanks Justin!)
3) Billie (thanks Billy, Sr.)
4) Harriet (thanks Kelli)

    So now that we all know Baby Guy is a girl, let's take a moment and recap how we all found out.  Billy and I had our anatomy screening on Thursday, May 30.  I am going to be COMPLETELY honest and tell you I did drink just a little bit of caffeine before we went because I wanted Baby Guy to cooperate and give us the shot we needed.  This, like most of my plans, backfired.  Baby Guy was ALL OVER THE PLACE!  In fact, the ultrasound tech had to spend about 15 to 20 minutes "searching" for the "money shot" (her words, not mine) because Baby Guy wouldn't sit still!  I have known very early on that I have an active baby, but actually being able to see it was AMAZING!  Billy, being the ever-inquisitive man he is, asked my multiple times if the ultrasound "hurt" because the tech was pushing pretty hard for such a long period of time.  Pain wasn't the issue, it was the amount of times she pushed on my bladder that made me almost pee my pants that I wanted to yell about!  Finally, finally, the ultrasound tech declared she had found the shot she was looking for, she marked it in the envelope, 1 for boy, 2 for girl, printed some profile pictures of our sweet baby (she looks like me... JUST KIDDING), and we went on our merry way... only to have to wait 27 hours to find out what we were having.

     27 hours.. the LONGEST of my life.  I got absolutely NOTHING done at work on the following Friday because I was dying to know.  I had spent almost the entire pregnancy sure Baby Guy was a girl, but the three days leading up to finding out, my brain totally switched.  I guess it decided that it need to be "prepared" in case Baby Guy turned out to be, well, a guy!

     The two hours leading up to the party were a bit of a frenzy.  My friend Hallie hosted the party at her house, but I had prepared most of the snacks and decorations.  I was WAY more picky about this party than I was my own wedding! HA!  AT 7pm, our family and friends started showing up wearing their pink and blue and just as excited about the big reveal as Billy and I were.  After an hour or so of mingling and eating desserts, everyone moved outside for the BIG REVEAL!  First, though, I made everyone sit through a list of Old Wives Tales while Billy answered.  There were questions like, "Has Jaymi been crabby or happy?" (Crabby - girl, Happy - boy) and "Is Jaymi craving sweet foods or salty foods?"  in which everyone replied SWEET!  I do love me some candy!  As you can see from the picture below, the Old Wives Tales were leaning towards Baby Guy being a girl.

    Then it became the moment of truth.  Billy and I handed out the confetti poppers to everyone in attendance.  We told them NOT to pop them until the count of three.  Everyone stood behind us so the photographer could get a picture and then 3.. 2.. 1... POP! Pink confetti blew everywhere!  It was so much fun to see all of that pink and to be honest, Billy and I weren't really surprised.  Like I said, we thought all along Baby Guy was a girl but it was great to actually have verification she was, in fact, a she. 

     Our friends and family were very excited for us and I tell everyone that Billy's lot in life is to be surrounded by women, but I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that Billy is going to make an excellent father to a little girl.  There are some men who were put on Earth to be Daddys to little girls, and Billy is definitely one of them.

     So now that it is all starting to sink in I can't even describe how we are feeling.  Billy is already complaining about too many baby girl outfits in her closet, for the record there are 9- two of which include and IU Cheerleading uniform and an Andrew Luck jersey.. yeah, I have my priorities straight... and I am daydreaming about all of the fun things we have in store, like softball games, dance recitals, and cheer clinic.  We are both getting into the mindset of how much stuff we have to get and starting the process of cleaning out what will be her room.  Baby classes have been booked and registries have been started though we haven't actually gone to the store.  In fact, the only thing we have looked at while at the store was furniture, which I am pestering Billy daily about ordering because I just can't wait to get started! 

     And since it has taken me so long to get this post up I am actually already at 22 weeks!  Hooray! The weeks we have left is smaller than how many weeks along we are.  I still feel fantastic and have just started putting on pounds (1 at the time of this post) and next on the list is scheduling a 3D/4D ultrasound followed by maternity photos and a baby shower (or two) somewhere in between all of this.  As previously mentioned, Billy and I purchased a 3D/4D package for our mothers as a mother's day present and I can't wait to take them with us to meet Baby Guy.  This could be the only time we see Baby Guy again before we deliver and I am DYING to know who she will look like as Billy and I both STRONGLY resemble our mothers.  It will be so fun and exciting that I literally cannot wait.

     As for maternity pictures, Billy's cousin does some AMAZING work and she will be taking our maternity photos as well as Baby Guy's newborn, 6 month, and 12 month photos.  She specialized in lifestyle photos which I love since something just seems wrong about Billy and I being forced to pose for a picture.  If you want to take a look at some of her work, visit Kelly's website at  Kelly is about to give birth to her second baby, a little girl, hopefully within the next two or three weeks, so she will be taking some time off, but if you are intersted in booking something, shoot her a message.

     Now that we are caught up on everything that happened in weeks 20 and 21, how about some 22 week stats?

Week 22 Pregnancy Updates

Baby Guy's Size:  They measured Baby Guy at her (eek!) 20 week appointment and said everything is right on track.  Her heartbeat was 156 bpm and the doctor stated that size wise she is in the 50th percentile which makes her 100% average!  That was GREAT news not only because she is health, but also because we were once told she (eek!) was going to be a big baby. Baby Guy is about a pound and almost 12 inches tall!

My belly: No more guessing, there is a bump.  Its not huge, and I am not complaining.  I have gotten told a couple times that I actually "look pregnant" which is good.  I was afraid of the whole "you look like you have gained a couple pounds" so its nice to be "pregnant-looking."  Maternity clothes have been busted out a couple of times, more so pants than tops, but trust me... I know its coming. 

My Size: At 22 weeks I have gained 1 pound.  However, if I continue to be a member of the Clean-Plate Club, like I have been lately, this may change drastically.

Movement:  Still lots of movement and usually right before bed.  I am still waiting for the day she (eek!) gives one or two good jabs and Billy is able to see, but we haven't gotten there yet and I know Billy is dying!  Right now her movements are high and usually right behind my belly button which often makes me laugh because it tickles!

Most exciting thing: Knowing Baby Guy is a girl!  There really is nothing better than getting to call her she.  Its absolutely amazing how much more "real" it becomes when they are no longer "it" or "baby" and actually become a he or a she.

Most annoying thing: Running in to things.  One of the Old Wives Tales questions at the Gender Reveal party was whether or not I had become more clutzy.  I didn't realize it until Billy, without missing a beat, said very enthusiatically.. YES!  But he's right.  I actually had to move my desk at work, and make it crooked, because I ran in to it with my belly.  I guess I just have a complete LACK of body recognition in terms of size and space.

Cravings: Still nothing crazy though I think I could live on Gummy Lifesavers, Chewy Sweet Tarts, potato chips, and strawberries.  One healthy thing in there at least.

Sickness:  Still doing good, though acid reflux has reared its ugly head!

Next appointment: Monday, June 24 we go for our 24 week appointment.  I think we have one more 4 week appointment at 28 weeks, then we should move in to going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  Sometime soon I know I will have to take a glucose test which I have heard from everyone are horrible.  It is just crazy to think we are inching our way closer and closer to the third trimester!

   Baby Guy is really lucky to have such an amazing family.  In the past week she has received her first present from Disney World (I can't wait to take her when she is bigger) as well as a few outfits from Billy's brother and his fiancee.  

     This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten if we aren't careful, but truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.  With such a large family, Baby Guy is going to have to learn quickly that there is plenty of love to go around!