Sunday, July 7, 2013

24 Weeks... and Counting


     That's right!  We made have made it to 24 weeks.  Quite a bit has changed in 2 weeks, my weight for one.  There is now no denying I have a prego belly.  I am slowly growing out of "my" clothes and moving into maternity clothes.  Although I was totally dreading being pregnant in the summer, there is one good thing about it... I can wear maxi dresses in lieu of buying maternity clothes.  WOO HOO!  So, without further ado, week 24 updates.

Week 24 Pregnancy Updates
Baby Guy's Size:  At our 24 week appointment we only got to hear her sweet and STRONG heartbeat.  The doctor even mentioned how strong it is.  My fundal height is measuring exactly where it should be and everything is going smoothly.  According to The Bump, Baby Guy is almost 1 foot long is is around 1.5 pounds.  Luckily there is lots more room for her to grow!

My belly: Although I have been saying it for awhile, there really is no denying the bump.  Multiple people have noticed the bump though I know deep down it isn't that big.  And truthfully, who cares?  I am making a human!

My Size: My have the scales have turned!  I kid you not, I woke up one morning and BAM!  Three pounds added to the scale... overnight!  I knew all those carbs were going to catch up to me!  This puts me at a total of 5 pounds so far.  If I stay on track and gain the 1 pound a week like I am supposed to, that puts me right at 20 pounds for the entire pregnancy.  I can handle that!

Movement: BILLY FINALLY FELT BABY GUY MOVE!  I kept telling him he was very close, he just needed to be a bit more patient.  Since Baby Guy is most active late at night, I knew there was a small window of opportunity.  Last Saturday I just knew he was going to be able to feel her.  She was kicking so hard at times on Saturday I thought I might actually pee my pants!  I knew it was our chance.  I told Billy to sit nice and calm and after about 20 minutes, Baby Guy kicked and Billy's finger visibly lifted off my belly.  He was so excited he started babbling like a fool and telling me to have her do it again!  HA!  Yeah right.  If she is anything like her momma, she probably did the exact opposite and laid still for the next half hour!  Billy immediately texted everyone he knows to spread the news!

Most exciting thing: Watching Billy get to experience our baby for the first time.  I have been thinking about this moment since I first felt Baby Guy kick and I knew he was going to be over-the-moon excited.  It is obvious to everyone that knows Billy how excited he is for this baby and now that he finally gets to experience something, well, it it just so fun.  If he hadn't started babbling like a lunatic I probably would have cried because it was just so sweet!

Most annoying thing: Backaches!  Due to my backaches, we finally had our first rough night.  6 months in before the first rough night, I will take it.  The problem with backaches is that the rational side of your head knows this is common with pregnancy.  The irrational side has you thinking you should call the doctor just to make sure there isn't something wrong.  Although most of Wednesday was spent with a sore back, I did some lower back exercises and now I feel much better!  The heating pad is my best friend.

Cravings: I wish I had something crazy to report.  Don't get me wrong, I a still eating my fair share, but nothing really sticks out.  Unless you count sweets.  I spent $12.00 on junk food at the Family Dollar on Wednesday!  Oops!

Sickness:  Still not really sick but acid reflux and backaches sure do stink!

Next appointment: The time has finally come.  The dreaded Glucola test.  On Tuesday, July 23, we go for the glucose test and our 28 week appointment.  After that, we start going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  I can't believe we are almost to this milestone already!  It really is flying by!