Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And Baby Guy is... a GIRL!

     I knew it!  Billy knew it!  Pretty much everyone we know thought Baby Guy was a girl and we were all right! 

     It is so nice to FINALLY be able to to call my sweet baby Guy a she.  For the first 11 or so weeks she (eek!) was an it because we couldn't say the word "baby" around anyone.  Then for the next 10 or so weeks she (eek!) was Baby Guy.  Soon, hopefully, we will be able to start calling her by her name, but Billy and I aren't quite ready to announce to the world Baby Guy's name.  Do we have one... well, we think so.  In fact, we have only ever discussed one baby girl name and while we are both pretty sure that it is it, we still have a LONG way to go in our pregnancy and I don't want to commit and then change my mind.  I do that sometimes.  :)  I can tell you what her name Won't be...

1) Franketta (thanks Randy!)
2) Juanita Agnes (thanks Justin!)
3) Billie (thanks Billy, Sr.)
4) Harriet (thanks Kelli)

    So now that we all know Baby Guy is a girl, let's take a moment and recap how we all found out.  Billy and I had our anatomy screening on Thursday, May 30.  I am going to be COMPLETELY honest and tell you I did drink just a little bit of caffeine before we went because I wanted Baby Guy to cooperate and give us the shot we needed.  This, like most of my plans, backfired.  Baby Guy was ALL OVER THE PLACE!  In fact, the ultrasound tech had to spend about 15 to 20 minutes "searching" for the "money shot" (her words, not mine) because Baby Guy wouldn't sit still!  I have known very early on that I have an active baby, but actually being able to see it was AMAZING!  Billy, being the ever-inquisitive man he is, asked my multiple times if the ultrasound "hurt" because the tech was pushing pretty hard for such a long period of time.  Pain wasn't the issue, it was the amount of times she pushed on my bladder that made me almost pee my pants that I wanted to yell about!  Finally, finally, the ultrasound tech declared she had found the shot she was looking for, she marked it in the envelope, 1 for boy, 2 for girl, printed some profile pictures of our sweet baby (she looks like me... JUST KIDDING), and we went on our merry way... only to have to wait 27 hours to find out what we were having.

     27 hours.. the LONGEST of my life.  I got absolutely NOTHING done at work on the following Friday because I was dying to know.  I had spent almost the entire pregnancy sure Baby Guy was a girl, but the three days leading up to finding out, my brain totally switched.  I guess it decided that it need to be "prepared" in case Baby Guy turned out to be, well, a guy!

     The two hours leading up to the party were a bit of a frenzy.  My friend Hallie hosted the party at her house, but I had prepared most of the snacks and decorations.  I was WAY more picky about this party than I was my own wedding! HA!  AT 7pm, our family and friends started showing up wearing their pink and blue and just as excited about the big reveal as Billy and I were.  After an hour or so of mingling and eating desserts, everyone moved outside for the BIG REVEAL!  First, though, I made everyone sit through a list of Old Wives Tales while Billy answered.  There were questions like, "Has Jaymi been crabby or happy?" (Crabby - girl, Happy - boy) and "Is Jaymi craving sweet foods or salty foods?"  in which everyone replied SWEET!  I do love me some candy!  As you can see from the picture below, the Old Wives Tales were leaning towards Baby Guy being a girl.

    Then it became the moment of truth.  Billy and I handed out the confetti poppers to everyone in attendance.  We told them NOT to pop them until the count of three.  Everyone stood behind us so the photographer could get a picture and then 3.. 2.. 1... POP! Pink confetti blew everywhere!  It was so much fun to see all of that pink and to be honest, Billy and I weren't really surprised.  Like I said, we thought all along Baby Guy was a girl but it was great to actually have verification she was, in fact, a she. 

     Our friends and family were very excited for us and I tell everyone that Billy's lot in life is to be surrounded by women, but I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that Billy is going to make an excellent father to a little girl.  There are some men who were put on Earth to be Daddys to little girls, and Billy is definitely one of them.

     So now that it is all starting to sink in I can't even describe how we are feeling.  Billy is already complaining about too many baby girl outfits in her closet, for the record there are 9- two of which include and IU Cheerleading uniform and an Andrew Luck jersey.. yeah, I have my priorities straight... and I am daydreaming about all of the fun things we have in store, like softball games, dance recitals, and cheer clinic.  We are both getting into the mindset of how much stuff we have to get and starting the process of cleaning out what will be her room.  Baby classes have been booked and registries have been started though we haven't actually gone to the store.  In fact, the only thing we have looked at while at the store was furniture, which I am pestering Billy daily about ordering because I just can't wait to get started! 

     And since it has taken me so long to get this post up I am actually already at 22 weeks!  Hooray! The weeks we have left is smaller than how many weeks along we are.  I still feel fantastic and have just started putting on pounds (1 at the time of this post) and next on the list is scheduling a 3D/4D ultrasound followed by maternity photos and a baby shower (or two) somewhere in between all of this.  As previously mentioned, Billy and I purchased a 3D/4D package for our mothers as a mother's day present and I can't wait to take them with us to meet Baby Guy.  This could be the only time we see Baby Guy again before we deliver and I am DYING to know who she will look like as Billy and I both STRONGLY resemble our mothers.  It will be so fun and exciting that I literally cannot wait.

     As for maternity pictures, Billy's cousin does some AMAZING work and she will be taking our maternity photos as well as Baby Guy's newborn, 6 month, and 12 month photos.  She specialized in lifestyle photos which I love since something just seems wrong about Billy and I being forced to pose for a picture.  If you want to take a look at some of her work, visit Kelly's website at  Kelly is about to give birth to her second baby, a little girl, hopefully within the next two or three weeks, so she will be taking some time off, but if you are intersted in booking something, shoot her a message.

     Now that we are caught up on everything that happened in weeks 20 and 21, how about some 22 week stats?

Week 22 Pregnancy Updates

Baby Guy's Size:  They measured Baby Guy at her (eek!) 20 week appointment and said everything is right on track.  Her heartbeat was 156 bpm and the doctor stated that size wise she is in the 50th percentile which makes her 100% average!  That was GREAT news not only because she is health, but also because we were once told she (eek!) was going to be a big baby. Baby Guy is about a pound and almost 12 inches tall!

My belly: No more guessing, there is a bump.  Its not huge, and I am not complaining.  I have gotten told a couple times that I actually "look pregnant" which is good.  I was afraid of the whole "you look like you have gained a couple pounds" so its nice to be "pregnant-looking."  Maternity clothes have been busted out a couple of times, more so pants than tops, but trust me... I know its coming. 

My Size: At 22 weeks I have gained 1 pound.  However, if I continue to be a member of the Clean-Plate Club, like I have been lately, this may change drastically.

Movement:  Still lots of movement and usually right before bed.  I am still waiting for the day she (eek!) gives one or two good jabs and Billy is able to see, but we haven't gotten there yet and I know Billy is dying!  Right now her movements are high and usually right behind my belly button which often makes me laugh because it tickles!

Most exciting thing: Knowing Baby Guy is a girl!  There really is nothing better than getting to call her she.  Its absolutely amazing how much more "real" it becomes when they are no longer "it" or "baby" and actually become a he or a she.

Most annoying thing: Running in to things.  One of the Old Wives Tales questions at the Gender Reveal party was whether or not I had become more clutzy.  I didn't realize it until Billy, without missing a beat, said very enthusiatically.. YES!  But he's right.  I actually had to move my desk at work, and make it crooked, because I ran in to it with my belly.  I guess I just have a complete LACK of body recognition in terms of size and space.

Cravings: Still nothing crazy though I think I could live on Gummy Lifesavers, Chewy Sweet Tarts, potato chips, and strawberries.  One healthy thing in there at least.

Sickness:  Still doing good, though acid reflux has reared its ugly head!

Next appointment: Monday, June 24 we go for our 24 week appointment.  I think we have one more 4 week appointment at 28 weeks, then we should move in to going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  Sometime soon I know I will have to take a glucose test which I have heard from everyone are horrible.  It is just crazy to think we are inching our way closer and closer to the third trimester!

   Baby Guy is really lucky to have such an amazing family.  In the past week she has received her first present from Disney World (I can't wait to take her when she is bigger) as well as a few outfits from Billy's brother and his fiancee.  

     This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten if we aren't careful, but truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.  With such a large family, Baby Guy is going to have to learn quickly that there is plenty of love to go around!