Thursday, April 18, 2013

Done with One!

     That’s right! It’s hard to believe, but we are officially done with the first trimester!  HOORAY!  Truthfully, it seems like it flew by.  Mostly because the first four weeks you don’t even know your pregnant.  The next seven to eight, however, were the MOST difficult!  I so badly wanted to tell people but knew it was not what Billy and I had decided.  I am just so happy that everyone knows and we can tell whomever we like.

     So now that I am done with the first trimester, I am going to do a little recap and some updates.  I actually borrowed this idea and questions from Billy’s cousin Kelly!  She is pregnant with her and her husband Duane’s second child and she had done this for both babies.  It’s a great way to keep everyone in the loop while also writing down the facts for Billy and me to remember in the future.  I LOVE IT!


Week 14 Pregnancy Updates 
Baby Guy's Size:  Truthfully, I have no idea.  I had an ulstrasound done at 12 weeks, in the name of education, but the tech didn't really say how big Baby Guy was.  According to "The Bump" website, Baby Guy should be measuring about 3.4 inches and weigh 1.5 oz., or in food terms, Baby Guy is about the size of a lemon.

My belly: I can't decide if it has popped just a little bit or not. I have never had a flat stomach, but with losing six pounds, I think my belly is sticking out just a bit in even though I am slimming down. Haven't had to invest in maternity clothes just yet, but I know it is just around the corner. Billy is already cringing.

My Size: As I mentioned, I am actually slimming down.  I have actually lost six pounds so far in this pregnancy.  Great, right? My doctor said this is totally normal and I will be gaining it back before I know it.  In total, for this pregnancy, the doctors would like to see me gain between 11 and 20 pounds.  Doesn't sound like much, but as long as Baby Guy remains healthy, I will try to do whatever the docs say.

Movement:  Nothing yet, but I am anxisouly awaiting this.  According to my doc, I probably won't feel movement for a couple more weeks.  Every mom I talk to says feeling your baby move is the absolute best feeling and I KNOW Billy is excited for this to begin too as he is just dying to actually be able to see and feel something.

Most exciting thing: Every ultrasound!  Billy and I have been lucky enough to see our baby 3 times so far.  This most recent time, though, Billy wasn't with me as I was having an ultrasound done for some students who were interseted in becoming ultrasound techs.  They were interested in seeing how the machine works and what the job looks like and I got to see my sweet baby one more time out of the deal!

Most annoying thing: Prenatal vitamins!  What is it with vitamins?  They never taste good.  I know they are so important to keeping myself and Baby Guy healthy, but boy do they sure taste bad!

Cravings: Throughout the first trimester all I wanted was mashed potatoes and gravy.  Now that my stomach has settled down, I don't crave much.  Usually, if something is on television, that's what I want!  Most recently it was blueberry muffins.

Sickness:  I am one of the lucky ones!  While I experienced some nausea here and there, I never actually got physically sick.  Thank goodness!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this continues through the next two trimesters.

Next appointment: I go to the doctor next Friday morning for a monthly check-up.  My following appointment in May should put us right on target for finding out the sex of our baby!  Billy is totally set on finding out what we are having while I keep going back and forth!

Go ahead and leave us a comment and let us know what you think about whether or not Billy and I should find out Baby Guy's sex!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interview with a (Not-So) Soon To-Be-Dad

Billy here.  My wife told me it was my turn to make an appearance on the blog, especially since she promised it on the last post.  She had a pre-set list of questions for me to answer, but I added a couple of my own as well.  So here you have it from a (not-so) soon-to-be dad.

P.S.  How great is the latest ultrasound of our baby?  He/she is waving!

What was your first thought when you found out you were having a baby?
I couldn't believe it… I have always wanted children.  Because I have wanted children for so long, I was sure we would have the misfortune of it taking a long time before we were so lucky.  Boy was I wrong... WAY wrong!

What has Jaymi been craving so far?

Jaymi has not had any of the crazy cravings that you normally hear but she has found a few items that she is frequently asks for… mashed potatoes and gravy even if the main course is Chinese (like last night) or peanut butter on cheese crackers (I should honestly buy stock in Nabisco).  Who knows what she may request in the future.
What's the one word that would best describe Jaymi's moods thus far?
Nauseated is what first came to mind, but Jaymi told me that isn’t a mood.  So I guess I will say exhausted.
Will you or Jaymi be more likely to say no to your child?
Depends, if Jaymi really wants to say no she will probably have me do it for her.

** Editor's Note:  I, Jaymi, totally disagree.  I believe Billy will be a big softy and I will have to be the disciplinarian.
What are you looking forward to purchasing for the new baby?
Matching shirts—I have always wanted to have a shirt that said “Big Guy” with my baby’s onesie saying “Little Guy”.  That may be odd but just one of those things that I have always wanted.
** Editor's Note:  I, Jaymi, am totally shaking my head at this, but in the words of Billy, "It will make a great picture!"
Which grandparent will spoil your baby the most?
Wow, more like which grandparent will spoil the baby the least? Honestly I would guess Sara (Jaymi’s mom) will be the leader in the spoiling department, especially since she works with Jaymi so it will be easy for her to drop things off for the baby.

What are you going to be most worried about if this baby is a girl?
BOYS, isn’t that every Dad’s biggest worry?
What about if it's a boy?
Along the same lines, I guess I worry about the heartbreak that he will have and trying to help him through it.

When do you think you and Jaymi will buy your first minivan?
My guess is never… I think we will have SUV’s as Jaymi swears she will never drive a minivan but we will have to see on that.
What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?
This was a tough one because even though I am looking forward to watching and supporting him or her in her sports, dancing, etc.; I really just look forward to playing with my child. I am referred to as a jungle gym by the kids in our families and can’t wait to have fun playing with my own kid(s). 

Monday, April 1, 2013

How We Told the Ones We Love


     As I said in the last post, Billy and I knew we were not going to tell our family and friends until we made it to 12 weeks.  After doing some math, I quickly discovered that Billy's 32nd birthday would put us at 11 weeks.  He and I discussed it and we decided that is when we would tell everyone.

    I spent days and weeks trying to decide where we would have Billy's party.  When you have a guest list of 60 people, it can be a struggle.  I soon remembered a place our friends had their wedding rehearsal dinner at that we loved.  One quick call to Arni's in Greenwood, and we had our location, but still no way to tell everyone the big news.

     A couple of fortunate events happened while I was trying to figure out how we wanted to tell everyone.  First, the DePauw women's basketball team was winning like crazy!  And second, Toms went on sale on Zulily.  I know this sounds nuts, but both of these event helped me decide that we would tell our friends by having Billy open a present at his birthday filled with baby items.  A DePauw shirt for me, an Indiana State shirt for Billy, and a pair of little baby Toms that were just TOO CUTE to pass up!

     So I ordered everything and they came in rather quickly.  As the days went by, though, I realized pulling baby items out of a gift bag is cute, but it needed something else that really said.. BABY GUY IS COMING!  So, I bought a onesie, wrote a cute little phrase on it, and strung up all the items on a clothesline, thus when Billy opened it, we could hold it up together.  It may have been his birthday, but I am the one doing all the work! :)

     Saturday was the day!  Billy and I had an appointment on Thursday to make sure everything looked good (which it did) so we both felt more confident about telling our friends and family a week earlier than we originally wanted.  Saturday was spent running around like lunatics.  We had to get the cake, decorations, presents for our parents, and everything else you could think of.  By the time we were ready to leave to go to Greenwood, we were exhausted, but excited.

     We got there and decorated, then our friends and family slowly started to trickle in.  Arni's was more than accomodating and our waiters were really funny.  Everyone ordered drinks and food and things were going off without a hitch.  At one point in the night, just before Billy cut the cake and opened his presents, Billy's cousin remarked, "You know.  Rumor has it this isn't just a birthday party."  And in true Jaymi fashion, my response, "Well those people are nuts!"  I apologized later for that comment, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

     Even though everyone wasn't done eating, I asked Billy to go ahead and cut the cake and open his presents.  I could tell some people were winding down and wanted to make sure everyone was there for the reveal.  So we did.  Everyone ate cake and Billy began to open his presents, finishing with mine.

     It was time.. the moment of the big reveal.  I purchased Billy a Wii game and put it on top so people would be a bit put off.  However, Billy opened the second part and it looked like this.


     The response... silence!  Not really the reaction you want.  In hindsight, I think it took everyone a minute to read the onesie.  Here's a close up for you.

     After that, there was some screaming, tears, and a lot of hugs and kisses.  Billy and I truly are blessed to have such amazing family and friends.  Baby Guy is going to be one luck baby.

     So, that's it for now.  I have told everyone I know that Billy is absolutely ecstatic and I am still in a bit of a shock.  So if you see us on the street, feel free to say something, but don't be surprised if Billy is the one glowing.  :)

     Next time's blog... interview with a new (soon-to-be) dad.